What I Eat

I know that is such a lame title for a new page, but it has come up a lot in conversation this week, and so I thought that it would make it easier on people if they had an idea of… well… of things I eat! (If you want to know more about the whole covenant then read this, and then if you want the “back story” then read my story here. And if you want a more comprehensive idea of how to get started, then read this.)

Although do allow me one little caveat… this is not about WHAT I am eating not about what I am not eating. I know that seems like it is the entire point of a fast, but it is not. This is a covenant to change my heart and to renew my mind.

I am trying to stick to the covenant as much as I can but I’m not being crazy strict about it (except when it comes to sugar… simply because that is the main thing I was addicted to a couple of months ago) but I do try to stay as close to the “core” of a Daniel Fast as possible, as often as possible. A few examples:

  • If Nanny makes everyone her lasagna (which is beyond amazing), even though I was not “supposed” to eat noodles on the Lent fast, it would have made it more of an issue for me to refuse and I didn’t want it to be about “look at me, look at me, I’m fasting!” So I just sorta pushed around the lasagna a lot, ate the noodles, and “ignored” the bites of lamb in there and just left them in my plate.
  • I eat whatever salad dressing I want. I have never been a fan of salad, but I do enjoy salad dressing. So I decided from the beginning that I would use whatever matched my craving whether it be blue cheese, ranch, new american… whatever.
  • I try to avoid bread because it is the next thing after sugar that I like to overeat. But, if a meal “requires” bread (e.g. mushroom burgers, or veggie enchiladas) then I will eat it. I just don’t want to eat a biscuit (or five, like I used to) just because it’s there.

When I’m on my “regular” Daniel Fast (which isn’t the super strict kind of only fruits, veggies, and nuts that I went on for Lent), I eat some of the following things. I put a * next to the items that I eat on my Lent Daniel Fast.


  • fruits*
  • veggies*
  • nuts*
  • beans
  • grains: pasta, rice, bread, oats
  • fish
  • eggs
  • dairy (except no milk… mainly cause I could drink a gallon a day if allowed)
  • beverages: water*, tea*, coffee*, almond milk*


  • eggs
  • egg burrito
  • cantaloupe*
  • apples*
  • clementine* (I could not have done this whole experience without clementines!)
  • toast with Laughing Cow cheese
  • oatmeal
  • grapes*
  • granola
  • bananas*
  • raisins* (also, a staple in my pantry)
  • hash browns*
  • yogurt (occasionally)
  • almond milk* in my coffee*


  • tomato basil soup* from La Madeline’s (this stuff is uh.maz.ing. Although I do “dilute” it with water to make it last longer because it is expensive)
  • avocados* (I just skin them and chop them up then sprinkle some salt on… yummmmmmy)
  • mashed potatoes*
  • Ore Ida French Fries* and Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries*
  • salad* with cheese, cherry tomatoes*, mushrooms*, carrots*, and any salad dressing*
  • seasoned (frozen) mixed veggies* (I just nuke them in the microwave) or (frozen) stir fry veggies* sauteed in a pot on the stove
  • cantaloupe*, clementines*, grapes*, apples*, pineapple*(my personal fav), blueberries*, bananas*
  • raisins* and peanuts*
  • leftovers from dinner the night before (that is, if my husband leaves me any!)


  • hummus* (I get the big ol tub at Sam’s… this is one of my favorite things) with sugar snap peas*, carrots*, celery*, bell peppers*, pretzel or pita chips (I have to be very careful with these last two… if they start to feel like they are becoming too tantalizing then I take them “off” the list for a while) and I love to put a little feta on there as well
  • raisins* and peanuts*
  • peanut butter (mainly if we are out of peanuts… cause there is some kind of crack sugar in peanut butter that I like a lot so I try to avoid it unless I need protein and it’s all I have got)
  • clementines*, apples*, bananas*, grapes*, pineapple*, cantaloupe*
  • granola


  • stir fry veggies* with rice or rice noodles
  • mashed potatoes*, potato salad, roasted potatoes*, baked potatoes* with butter, sour cream, cheese, chives
  • baked mushrooms* (try this recipe)
  • seasonal veggies: zucchini*, squash*, eggplant*, onions*, baby portabella mushrooms*
  • baked apples* (although I do have to be careful about those… as you can see here)
  • clementines*, apples*, bananas*, grapes*, pineapple*, cantaloupe*
  • ratatouille*
  • sushi
  • potato soup* (yummmmmmmmmy recipe)
  • vegetarian enchiladas (I have used this recipe but have put in a veggie mix of zucchini, carrots, and squash in lieu of chicken… but I don’t like that, so after Lent I’m going to try some new variations).
  • spaghetti, manicotti, veggie lasagna, roasted veggies and cheese tortellini
  • grilled veggie paninis
  • fish tacos, bean tacos
  • vegetarian stuffed bell peppers
  • Caribbean Style Black Beans* in the crockpot (really good recipe… although I don’t use the sausage stuff)
  • minestrone*
  • mushroom burgers and sweet potato chips*
  • the tried and true garden salad*

I’m sure that there are a zillion more options of things to eat, but I’m kind of new at eating as a vegetarian, and so my list is still pretty limited. I pretty much only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch before this and tons of chicken and steak for dinner. So, this is kind of like discovering an entire new world of food for me as well as an entirely new way of thinking about food!

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