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May 19, 2012

Day 130: Nit Gonna Get Me Down

Over the past day my oldest has been scratching his head a lot. I thought it was because of a recent change in shampoo and decided to give both he and his brother a good ol Head N Shoulders washing.

And then I went to check the scalp on my youngest to make sure it was squeaky clean and noticed these itty bitty brown dots on his scalp.

My stomach flip flopped. Oh please Lord, let that be something he got caught in his hair playing outside and not lice.

Apparently though you have to pray that prayer way before they even get it. Haha! Cause lice they were… well, a bunch of those little nits that turn into lice. So I sent my husband out to the pharmacy to pick up that RID stuff (which, for the record, smells exactly the same as it did when I had lice in fourth grade).

I looked through the hair on my oldest and he looked clean but I decided to treat him anyway. Good thing- he had more than his brother.

All of that to say, after four hours of scrubbing, rinsing, gelling, picking, combing, gelling again, picking again, and combing again, then washing again… both of my boys were deloused.

And I don’t know if you have seen a pic of my curly fro, but getting lice would be catastrophic for me, so I thought y’all would get a kick out of how I attempted to “protect” my scalp while I was working away on the boys and their little friends…


Now. That is gross information for someone getting on this blog… haha, maybe it will keep you from wanting to eat though for a bit!!!

But I bring it up to say that delousing a toddler and a four year old is a rather stressful event… especially since you have to do it well or else you’ll just be in the same boat again the next week. There I was delousing and feeling all sorts of tense and then I had a cool moment… I realized that I had not even thought of chocolate. or sugar. or bread. okay, I did think about eating a saltine.

A saltine?

Yes. A saltine.

Why would you be tempted to eat a saltine???

My toddler loves them and he was snacking on them while I picked at his head like momma orangutang. And when I passed the little stack of them I was about .5 seconds away from popping one on in my gullet.

Annnnnnnd ya know what stopped me? The covenant.

I am so glad that I “upgraded” the covenant to include cutting out bread and chips… and yeah I know a cracker isn’t a chip, but yeah… it might as well be. As I reached out to snag one, my brain said, “Hey Jan… covenant. Upgraded covenant. No chips.” And I put it back and that was that. I returned to my ever glamorous life of delousing children.

And I know that I have mentioned this verse a lot lately, but I just have to bring it up again. I think maybe God is in the process of writing it on my heart. deeeeeeeeep on my heart. Haha!

O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven and earth. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion. 2 Chronicles 6:14

But also this one… I had to have strength to resist the saltine (haha- that even sounds funny to me, but, eh, such is an addiction to food. All of it qualifies)! And that strength comes from God- and out of my love for God.

And now that I look at this one, I’m liking it just as much as the previous verse:

Now all glory to God, who is able to make you strong. Romans 16:25

Cause that’s where it comes from! My strength comes from God. There is no other way to explain it.

Yep. Even that saltine. those dad gum lice. that bully Satan. They’re “nit” gonna get me down. Haha! Gotta love the malapropisms!!!

April 4, 2012

Day Eighty-Five: Covenant Keeper

Once again I wanted to post instead of catching up on my bible reading, and once again I had nothing to say, and once again I came across my “what” to say only after reading through the Word of God. Maybe eventually I will figure it out… go to the Bible first.

This time I was reading through 1 Kings and Solomon was dedicating the temple that he built for God. He was saying all kinds of prayers and making these ginormous sacrifices. Anyway, near the beginning of his prayers he said…

“O Lord , God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven above or on the earth below. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion.
1 Kings 8:23

I just love the reminders! One, that God will keep His covenant with me. I didn’t really go into this with the idea that we were making a “deal” so much because that implies that I give Him something and in turn He gives me something. I think it has ultimately worked out that way, but it wasn’t originally like that. I just covenanted to Him that I would follow these guidelines out of devotion to Him. I knew that doing so would change my heart… that He would change my heart. And He has. Even though I did not ask for it in return, He has used this covenant to change my heart, my soul, my mind, my habits.

But I also like the second part of the verse: that He will “show unfailing love to all who walk before [Him] in wholehearted devotion“.

A) I am just given immediate peace at the words “unfailing love”.

B) It’s so cool that the unfailing love is not gained by meeting some standard. It’s not “to all who meet every sacrifice requirement” or “to all who never break one of the ten commandments.” It’s just someone who lives in wholehearted devotion to Him.

Perfection isn’t required. Just devotion.

And I’m at a point where I want to follow Him with wholehearted devotion. And I’m already receiving the unfailing love.

So, it’s day 85 and God has been with me every step of the way so far. And He will continue to keep that covenant with me the rest of the 273 days. And hopefully I can follow Him with wholehearted devotion at least most of that time. Hehe!

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