Get Started

If you are curious about starting your own Covenant Diet then here is some info for you!

First of all, you have several options of different types of fasts that you can do.

Choose what type of fast you want to do:
Daniel Fast: veggies, fruits, nuts, and water (click on that link to go to a website that has good info)
– Organic Daniel Fast: all of the above using organic produce
– Flexible Daniel Fast: all of the above and then add any or all of these items: breads, pastas, beans, rice, coffee, tea, cheese, eggs, fish (this is the one that I am doing)
– Specific Fast: if you are aware of your area of weakness (aka: addiction) then you can fast from only that, e.g. fast from sugar or fast from snackies like chips

Then you need to set a time frame:
– If you want to lose weight, figure out how long it would take you to lose it at 2 pounds a week and then double that amount of time.
Example: If I want to loose twenty pounds: at 2 pounds a week it’ll take me 10 weeks to lose it, but for my fast I’ll take that number and double it to 20 weeks. Here’s one of my posts explaining why.

– A little piece of advice though… I did a three week Daniel Fast long before I started this covenant fast. I kinda knew what I was getting myself in to when I signed on for a year. If you are one (like me) for not sticking by diets or “resolutions” then a three-week Daniel Fast might be a good start for you. You could always just make a covenant then for longer.

Finally, you need to prepare.
– Prepare yourself with food, especially if you are going to do a Daniel Fast. Plan out a week or so of meals and buy the necessaries. And think of stuff to eat for snacks: apples, carrots, pineapple (my fav… it’s almost better than chocolate), bananas, watermelon, etc. If you are not typically “into” those foods you might start enjoying them after a week or so. I am personally not a big fruit eater but I’m getting more and more into fruit by default.

– Prepare yourself with a response. If you are going to be around people at work or at a birthday party or something then someone might notice “Why are you eating a mushroom burger???” or “What do you mean you don’t want a piece of birthday cake???” I suggest something short and to the point: “I made a covenant, like a deal, with God that I would only eat veggies, fruits, nuts, and water for three weeks.” And then people can ask further if they want. Just so you know, some people won’t “get it”. But that’s cool. God does get it.

– Prepare yourself spiritually. I can tell you… Satan is not gonna be a fan of this. He lovvvvves this stronghold in your life because it holds you back from your fullest potential. So he just might get up in your business. Be ready for that. Read the Word of God every. day. while you do this. If you start off with a three week fast, YouVersion has a reading plan that I used. Otherwise feel free to go through my day by day “mind renewals”. As I learn more about blogging I’ll try to make it easier for people to start at day one.

And feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

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