Day 584: New Site, New Focus, New Tagline?

Friends, I’m so sorry to have been delayed with my posting of late. I am moving over to a new site:!!! You don’t need to go there now cause it’s still in the transition phase and is sorta… ugly. But it’s GONNA be awesome soon… we should be applying the theme today or tomorrow! My wonderful hubby, Mr. Chord Dice himself, is my webmaster since I know zilch about code so he is doing the migration for me.

But keep reading… I need some advice.

I’m thinking of changing my tagline. Right now it is “my journey from gluttonous to glorious” but just recently I came across the Message version of Romans 12:2 and it has this one part in it that grabbed my attention in a big way.

fix your attention

And the more that I think about that, I realize… that’s it. That’s my whole goal here. I want to fix my attention on God and I want Him to change me from the inside… out.

So, I’m thinking of going from “my journey from gluttonous to glorious” and making it “changed from the inside out“.

I dunno. What do you think?

Out with the old and in with the new, or if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Either way… I love the new mindset of keeping my attention on Him and as I change on the inside spiritually my actions and my body will reflect that internal change of heart.

16 Responses to “Day 584: New Site, New Focus, New Tagline?”

  1. I think the perfect time to update your tag line is when your switching platforms and creating a whole new look. AND I happen to like that second one. Guess it’s because it can apply to SO many different kinds of struggles.

  2. I think the new tag line reflects your mission in all you do. God continues to touch my life every day through you. Love you.

  3. The new tag line communicates very well what God uses YOU to communicate…what you have to say is truth that goes far broader than one specific struggle, so I love the new one! Thanks so much for your walk with us. It’s inspiring…praise God!

  4. January…the new tag line is awesome. I was so blessed the other day, a lady at work told me how much of a change she had noticed in me from last August to now and she said not only could it be seen, it could be felt. Her comment was confirmation for me that the change that God was making on the inside, was definitely now evident on the outside….not necessarily in my weight, but definitely in my spiritual presence….all glory to God, but your blog has been such an encouragement. I look forward to what God is going to do through you next! God bless you! Sarina

  5. I think a simple, “gluttonous to glorious”, sounds wonderful. I don’t even think you need the “my journey from”. That’s what I think, but good luck with deciding. That’s always tough! Celeste 🙂

  6. i like the original b/c it speaks distinctly of how God is changing you from the inside out; it immediately caught my attention where the new one would not have since i get a lot of emails/documents that use that type of wording

  7. Changed from the inside out: from gluttonous to glorious!


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