Day 536: God Takes Care Of My Laundry


Today, I want to start with the verse cause it is… great.

It was one of those verses where I had written down the reference several weeks back next to the word “helped” but didn’t really know much about it aside from that, but then I pulled it up today on my phone and took in a deep, sharp breath and said, “Oh yeah. THAT is good stuff.”

POSITIVITY: I am helped.

The Lord helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads. Psalms 145:14 NLT

God gives a hand to those down on their luck, gives a fresh start to those ready to quit. Psalms 145:14 MSG

I read it originally in the NLT cause that’s my favorite “light reading” version of the bible and I just snapped back from the words.


So often I feel… fallen. imperfect. not good enough. And this verse tells me… God helps those kinds of people. This kind of person.

Then when I kept reading that “He lifts those bent beneath their loads”… wow. I immediately was like, “Uhhhhhhhh, that’s me.” Instantly it was like I could feel Him pulling my soul a bit more out of the pit. Just from reading those words.

Loads of guilt.
Loads of worry.
Loads of insecurities.

And well, let’s not forget…

Loads of laundry.

Loads and loads and loads of laundry.

I even showed you a picture of my laundry above (and honestly, that doesn’t include the two hampers that are full right now, too) to prove how much of a load I’m under and so I could stop any (slim, slim, slim) changes of you having “instagram envy“.

So when I came to write this post I thought that I’d hop on over to the Message translation just for giggles and I loved it too, especially the last: “gives a fresh start to those ready to quit.”

I think time and time again I have been ready to quit, and even though I often muddle on, I don’t think that I think of it as a “fresh start”, but that’s what it is. He allows me to start over again and again and again.

AND He helps through all of my stumbles.


That’s one rad God, if I do say so myself.

Now, if I went in to my utility room after posting this and I find that all of my loads and loads and loads of laundry have been done for me by my Heavenly Father? Well, let’s just say I’ll be purty dern convinced that Jesus has returned cause that would be nothing short of Heaven on Earth.


God. When I just THINK of all of the times I’ve been down in the pit. that I’ve fallen. that I’ve willingly gone down into the pit. that I’ve been out of luck. weighed down. ready to quit. and THEN I think of all those times that you’ve lifted me up? Wow. Why would I do anything but follow you? Why would I ever end up in a pit again?

I dunno.

But I know that right now I am just relishing in how good and faithful you are to me.

Thank you for the many times you have lifted me up. thank you for the many times you will lift me up in the future. You are… just so amazing. Keep me remembering that You lift me up. hold me. care for me. adore me.


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