Day 520: Triumphant Trek


I’m deviating a bit from the “identities” on Day 460: Name Change again today like I did yesterday. It’s sorta like my soul is longing for something specific and so I’m on a bit of a hunt to find the truth that my heart needs to hear. As I journey around the Word on that hunt, I am probably going to come up with several different things to be positive about what God has said about me. In the end, it will probably be all the truths that I find along the way that end up being “the” truth that my heart needed! Anyway, I have been really looking through The Promise Bible more like I did in yesterday’s post (Day 519: Positivity Pending) and here is one that I got from it:

POSITIVITY: I am triumphant.

You belong to God, my dear children. You have already won your fright with these false prophets, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. 1 John 4:4

So, I’m not much of an athlete.

Well, I’m actually just not an athlete… at all. I mean, I used to be pretty good at sports and stuff when I played but now I’m just not into anything. For a while I sorta felt bad about it, like I wasn’t as good as other people cause I didn’t WANT to go run a half-marathon or because I’m some kind of weirdo that doesn’t get that endorphin-buzz after a workout. But now I’m like… wait, people haven’t “worked out” for thousands of years. Maybe I’m not the weirdo after all!

But, there are a couple (and I mean, literally, a couple) of things that I like to do that are athletic/outdoorsy in nature: swim and river rafting.

Go figure… both are water. I must be a daughter of Poseidon. (Sorry, Percy Jackson shout out).

Anyway… I love them. I think I liked river rafting because I didn’t have to really be super fit to do it but it was fun and fast and exhilarating and… watery. Plus, there is like this feeling of triumph when you return to “base” or whatever and you’re alive! I mean, look at the pic above… it’s my brother who just got back from a trek around Colorado. Doesn’t that look RAD???

But I was thinking about it and river rafting is actually a very, very good analogy for our life with God. I mean… we are on this river that really takes us whatever direction it wants to but we do have some tools to maneuver the ride.Eventually we’ll end up at the end of the river one way or another. We will probably get wet and messy. We might take a few pit stops here and there if we get lost or unsure. And at the end of the day, we feel triumphant.

I think that’s how I feel right now about this battle with food. I’m on this river… that’s moving and I can’t stop it but I do have some tools to help guide me smoothly down the river… and I even have a guide (the bible and Holy Spirit). After making it through rocky sections or particularly rough and fast sections, there is a feeling of triumph!

And that’s what’s cool… this guide of mine… He is even stronger than the pull of the waters. He can make my little raft do… miraculous things. So I mean, it’s like this… if you go river rafting knowing that your guide can make your raft, like, basically just float over hard sections or ram through them with a fury… you’re going to be a lot less daunted.

Well, our Guide can do just those things. So, let’s go rafting baby!


Thank you God for the awesome power that you have given me. And thank you for this trip down the river. I mean, it’s not some kind of perfect My Little Pony type of ride where we float around on clouds made of pink cotton candy, but I think I like it better that way! I even like the rough spots (after I’ve passed them). You just made this whole thing of life so… awesome… in a weird way.

And thanks for giving me the tools that I need. God, help me to use the tools when I’m nervous or struggling. Help me to use the Holy Spirit and the Word as my guide when I feel lost or scared. Help me to ride down this river of life skillfully. Help me to honor You as I ride it.

You are good.

You are so very good.


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