Day 491: Dream Come True

Day 2 of my 30 Day Infusion of positivity and prayer!

I’ll do the positivity first and then end with the prayer at the bottom…

POSITIVITY: Today I am reminded of yesterday’s positivity: I am made for MORE! More than just food. More than easy comfort. More than reliance upon something of this world.

I am made for royalty!

I am the daughter of The King! I am a princess! It’s like every girl’s dream come true!

But there are so many important things that I am called to do today as a princess of the Kingdom of God, and I’m not talking just laundry and dishes. Reaching out to those who are in need spiritually and physically. Checking on the welfare of The King’s people. Making appearances on His Behalf. Wearing a garment of praise.

What a blessing to have been accepted as one of God’s children!

See, I even have a crown! Haha!


PRAYER: God- thank you for today. Thank you for being all that I need. Thank you for being my Healer and my Help, my Protector and my Savior.

Thank you for waking me up easily this morning so I could go walk. Thank you for the beach-like breeze that accompanied me. Thank you for the sweet moments with my sons and my husband. Thank you even for these few stolen moments to pray!

Today, I am grateful. I am hopeful. Yet still I ask that you keep me on track.

“Help me to be self-controlled. Let me show integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose the gospel may not be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about me.” Titus 2:6-8

May every moment of today be a focus on You. May today bring me into a closer understanding of you and your grace and mercy and holiness.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for my life but mostly thank you for my faith.


{And just for kicks, I had to show you guys
a pic of my son wearing the crown…
cause it’s HYSTERICAL!}


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