Day 421: Oh, Lord.


Lately, I’ve been realizing that I go to God in prayer like this “Oh, Lord… I just want to know your plan for me.” or “Oh Lord, please just reveal yourself to me.” or whatever, “Oh Lord, blaka blaka blaka blaka…” It doesn’t matter so much WHAT I am saying or asking for… what matters is that I am starting out all my prayers “Oh Lord + Request”. Yeahhhhhhhh, that’s not really what He’s looking for in our relationship.

Heck, that’s not what I’M looking for in our relationship.

So, today, I take a moment to remind myself of the names of God, so that I can go to Him in a prayer that honors Him a little bit more than one that starts off with focusing on me.

Oh Lord, You are…

  • The Most High God
  • Creator
  • The Lord My Banner
  • Provider
  • Peace
  • Lord of Hosts
  • The All-Sufficient One
  • Lord and Master
  • Lord… Yahweh Jehovah
  • The I AM
  • The Everlasting God
  • Jealous
  • My Shepherd
  • The Healer
  • There
  • Our Righteousness
  • The One Who Sanctifies Me

I want to focus my prayers to be about Him, to focus on Him, to honor Him, to worship Him.

And we can deal with me later.

Oh Lord, you are my peace when I’m not sure of the future. You are the One who provides You are my Lord and Master and I remember right now, God that you are always THERE. You guide me and keep me safe: You are my shepherd. I rely on you, God, to be my righteousness, to be the one that makes me pure and deals with my sins. You are God. You are the I AM. And I worship You. I love You. I adore You. I need You. I bow to You. I acknowledge You as the Most High. Thank you God for letting me speak to You. Thank you God for wanting to interact with me. Thank you God for being my identity and giving me the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome my sins and to glorify You. Thank you God. Amen!


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    I love the names of God!

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