Day 277: Too Much Of A Good Thing


Last night I was over at my husband’s grandparents house and his great-aunt was saying that looking at some of our pics on Facebook she thought I had lost too much weight. She was saying that I shouldn’t lose any more.

Well, for one thing- how refreshing to hear anyone say that in this society! It seems like we all get so barraged with the concept of any body fat is hideous. I was just glad to hear it said.

I wanted though to remind them that I’m not trying to lose weight. Yes, I have gone through chunks of time throughout this covenant where I was trying to lose weight but those efforts failed me. Maybe not physically but failed me emotionally and spiritually. Like I have talked about before… it let me down when I wouldn’t lose and I’d get depressed and it would kill my self-confidence and eventually led my husband and I to toss the scale. Literally… on day 118 we decided to throw the scale away.

Sooooo freeing! And ya know when I present that suggestion to people they look at me in almost horror! “Well, then, how will I know if I am gaining weight?!?!?!” or “If I don’t weigh myself then I’ll just allow myself to blimp out!”

My thoughts are: if we are truly honoring God with our food choices, then the scale shouldn’t drive our eating. God should. If we are truly honoring God with our food choices, our portion sizes, our eating only when hungry… then we won’t gain weight.

But again… it always comes back to the fact that you… me… him… her… we can’t do anything without Him. He is our power. He is our strength. He is our discipline. He is our self-control. He is our… ability.

So, my thinking: lose the scale. and gain some God. and the weight will follow.

Well, I’m gonna rework that one cause I think it’s missing the point…

lose the scale. and gain some God. and joy will follow.

And that’s way more important than what size jeans we wear.


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