Day 276: To Be Continued…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love being on a Daniel Fast?

Cause… I love it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it gets hard sometimes when I want enchiladas or whatever… but overall… the “freedom” from Cheetos and crackers and chips and tortillas and muffins and granola and and and and and is just so wonderful. Especially having come off of a season of struggle with food again.

But like I have mentioned above, it’s not as much about the food as it is about the freedom. It’s about seeing how God can work in my life to create change that I could not do on my own.

I was having a late-night-after-the-kids-are-in-bed coffee with my friend Elaine* and I was gabbing (at length… I always tend to gab at length, though) about my covenant. She had asked what I was going to do next year after my covenant was up, and I told her my plan, and I can’t remember if I have already told y’all my plan, so at the risk of being redundant… I’m going to stay on my covenant, however, I will have “off” days (I don’t want to call them “free” days because of the fact that eating all of those foods over the years has made me pretty much everything BUT free) on national holidays like Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc., birthday parties (not birthDAYs, but birthday parties… lest I feel that I should be able to eat whatever I want all day simply because my brother-in-law is having a party that night), and each full moon. I’m hoping that this will be a good transition time for me as I move from no “off” days into a bit less restriction.

Anywayyyyyy, I was discussing why I wanted to stay on the covenant and I said, “Sure, it’s nice having lost some weight, and it’s been so great being free from food, but the nicest thing has been being closer to Him… to having learned that I can rely on Him to change me when I simply could not do it myself.” And she replied, “Oh exactly because it’s all good to ask Him for comfort and have Him give it, but it’s different when you can rely on Him to give you something tangible.”

I was so impacted with the reality of that statement that I even got out my phone while we were talking and put it in a note so that I wouldn’t forget it. This year has been such a, like she said, tangible example of how He is able to rescue me in a real way. Like, all of those verses that I have read over and over and over again throughout my life and my studies about being rescued and this covenant has shown me that although it might be different than being militarily rescued, that He has rescued me from the chains of oppression and sadness and addiction and so much more.

And how he continues to rescue me… as I continue to fall back into the old habit of overeating and of eating for a reason other than hunger… He brings me back. Again, and again, and again… He continues to wash me clean and purify me (verse here). He continues to stay right beside me (verse here). He continues to make me willing to obey (verse here). He continues to rescue me from my troubles (verse here). He continues to be my God. He continues to be my Savior.

*Elaine’s name has been changed to protect the innocent! Hehe!

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