Day 275: Facebook Focus


Okay so this might not seem like a “food” post… or a “diet” post… or a “covenant” post, but it’s all sorta getting wrapped up and tied up together into one big “I’m letting God change me” movement in my life.

I did it.

I deleted my Facebook app off of my phone.

I know, I know. It’s sooooo sad that I have to even do that. It’s soooooo sad that I would be so proud of myself for doing so. But… there you have it. I guess I’m kind of into escapism right now. Food was no longer my escape so I turned to Facebook.

It’s not that I’m getting off of Facebook, per se, cause I really do like the connections it enables me to have with so many people that I love having connections with. It’s more so that I have taken the ease out of checking it so I won’t scroll my news feed all the time.

I deleted it last night and I’m already SO pleased with the results. I have not felt pulled toward my phone nearly as much today. I have “lost” my phone several times for a couple of hours but didn’t realize it because I didn’t need it.

This morning though, I posted a pic of me in a shirt that I like but wanted some advice on what to wear with it and I wanted to see if anyone had responded but it was wayyyy before I had “agreed” with myself to get on the mobile Facebook.

Well, God just helped me right out with that one…


So I just locked my phone up and went on with my day. Freeing. A lot like the feeling of being able to walk past a bunch of cookies or brownies or cheesecake.

I’m just wanting to get facebook out of my constant thoughts. I want to have The Holy One in my constant thoughts, not what Sally Jane had for dinner, or what a former student thinks about her boss, or what everybody thinks about the VP debate.

And I figured I was going to have to take similar action with Facebook that I had to take with food. Cut it out. Be extreme. Get rid of it.

Cause my will power muscle is just not as strong as some of my others. And so just “resisting” Facebook wasn’t working out for me.

Well, I cut out as much of it as I could. So that I can focus on Him. So that I can focus on life. So that I can focus on my family. my chores. my exercise and stretching. my thoughts. etc.


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