Day 270: I Will Praise You In The Fridge


I have had yet another revelation of sorts that I wanted to share.

Again, I must remind you that some of these posts are about my relationship with Jesus and not as much about food. It is simply because I have figured out that my “need” to overeat and rely upon food for comfort (along with many other things besides comfort) contrasts my need for him. And since I have been practicing math with my five-year-old, I’ll put it in an equation…

My “need” to eat > My need for God

Well, yesterday I wrote about how I had learned the concept: “The antidote for lethargy and spiritual heaviness is to put on a garment of praise.” And I am just still enthralled with that idea.

I am concertedly focusing on praise for a while. I put my read-the-bible-in-a-year plan up for a bit because I need to focus on praising Him for a bit.

But, I have been using that with my eating as well… looking in the fridge and saying Thank you God for this beautiful, healthy, pest-free orange. Or another time, God you have given us such abundance! Look at this variation of colors in my fruit basket and veggie drawer.

I’m not saying that I do this all the time, but it has helped me a few times. Just yesterday I looked in the fridge and thought “Oh, just fruit.” and then I stopped myself and said, “Oh wow, God… a huge tub of sweet cantaloupe… all cut up and ready to eat! Thank you so much! What a blessing to have this!”

And honestly, I suddenly wanted it! Ha! It really is amazing how my world changes when I look through the eyes of praise and blessing.

Whadda know, life ain’t so bad after all!

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