Day 268: Extreme God


I met up with two of my lifelong besties the other day for a birthday lunch and while we were chatting my friend (who is a counselor) said that she thought my covenant was extreme.

It sort of caught me off guard… not like in a bad way, but in a surprised way. I mean, people responded that way a lot at the beginning when I was first starting but now it doesn’t seem to phase people as much. (Probably because I’ve lost weight, and so it doesn’t matter if it was extreme or not… to them all they see is that “it” worked.) But I haven’t heard anyone really say anything lately along the extreme line unless they are commenting on giving up chocolate for a year.

Perhaps it does seem extreme though from the outside looking in. In the conversation we were discussing the idea of balance in life.

And (just thinking through this as I write), I really do want balance in my life. I guess I’m just an old dog. And well, it’s not that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… it’s just that it’s not as easy.

I mean… I wish I could just “choose” balance. But, well, if I could have just “chosen” balance long ago then this whole addiction to food would never have been an issue in the first place.

I guess, in a way, this is my first step to choosing balance. I guess it could be considered the polar extreme to go from being able to eat everything to restricting myself from lots of things. (Although, I really only restricted sugar and meat and milk when you get down to the brass tax of it.)

But, like I wrote, gosh… at the very beginning, the normal balance of things wasn’t working for me. I needed extreme.

Sometimes God shows up as extreme.

I mean… turning a river to blood to save His people. Sending swarms of locusts and frogs upon an entire nation to save His people. Having a man build a massive boat on dry land to save His people and His creation. Allowing His Own Son to die on a cross to save His people.

It’s extreme.

It’s God.

It seems weird to us.

But, if you want to see God… sometimes you gotta go extreme.


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