Day 239: Proper Prayers


I started a bible study at church tonight called Transforming Prayer. The act of prayer is something that has been popping up in my radar quite frequently of late… getting asked to teach on prayer in our youth department, then replacing my “snacking hot spot” in the afternoon with 15 minutes of prayer, realizing that I wasn’t sure what to pray or even if I believed if prayer even did anything, then my 5-year-old son starting to more interested in prayer, etc. So, when I saw that bible study open for sign ups I jumped on it even though I am taking another bible study as well on Wednesday mornings.

And just one night of the five week study is already something I’m pumped about! It’s already opening my eyes! I won’t go into it too much, but here is one thing that we did last night that I really enjoyed and it has been easy to incorporate already with my prayers.

So, last night I went to the first evening of a bible study called Transforming Prayer. It is ALREADY transforming! Wanted to share this little tidbit: start your prayers with “You are…” to acknowledge the cool things about God. Helps to get your mind pointed in the right direction for prayer and it’s some pretty awesome worship, too! Like, just pick a word and complete the thought:

I praise You God because You are…

– eternal.
-all knowing.

And my friend, Janet Chowning, recommended this option when I posted about it on Facebook:

“I like to do this also with the different names of God. You are my

– Savior.
– Redeemer.
– Healer.
– Provider.
– Creator.
– Prince of Peace.
– Comforter.
– Good Shepherd.
– Friend. etc.”

Anyway… I mean… it’s not specifically “diet” related, but well… all of this is Jesus-related. And part of this process is a little bit of breaking off some of my relationship with the world and developing a better relationship with Jesus… and so this is one way that I am working on my relationship with Jesus.

See, here is one that is covenant-related:

God, I praise you because You are my Healer. my Renewal. my Hope. my Sustenance.


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