Day 216: Squeaky Clean Soul

Day 13 of my hard-core Daniel Fast.

My husband recently went out of town for a week and while he was gone I, out of necessity, had to get back into a pretty strict routine. Kind of like our school routine.

Which means I also had to get back into a routine with my cleaning. It’s not that I don’t clean in the summers… it’s that I don’t clean on a routine. It’s all kind of sporadic. “Oh, that’s sorta messy… I’ll clean it.” or “Oh, that toilet is gross, I’ll clean it.” It’s more like a REactive type of cleaning instead of PROactive.

Anyway, so tonight I was cleaning up the kitchen before bed and it was looking pretty good. But then I kept remembering that Sarah Richardson, in an HGTV magazine article, said she always puts everything away before bed. A little Martha Stewartish if you ask me. But it kept running through my mind last night.

So I thought, I’m gonna at least do this in the kitchen/big room. And suddenly you start to notice things that have been there for a few days but they have been there just long enough that you start to subconsciously ignore them. They become part of the landscape.

Like this one corner of my kitchen is what the FlyLady would call a “hot spot”. Tons of stuff gets “dumped” there throughout the day. So I went to clean it tonight and there were two plastic popcorn tubs that had been there almost a week. Two bottles of medicine. A rag (always there). My husbands daily collection of cups despite the fact that I have designated a coaster on which he can have one cup a day. A pen. Two twist ties. And an iPhone charger.

So I cleaned it up and wow- it made such a difference. I took a pic of the “after” only because it didn’t hit me until after how this tied into sin. into gluttony.


There are so many things in our lives that get stuck in the “hot spot”. Little sins often that we ignore until we don’t even know they are sins after a while. We don’t even know they are there.



And sometimes we have to make a concerted effort to clear those things out. It’s so much nicer afterwards to be clean and free of it, but it does take a little sacrifice of time and effort to clean it out.

And there are also little eating hot spots during the day… like when I put the boys down to nap every day, I often come into the kitchen immediately looking for something. My friend Christie has mentioned that her hot spot is right after she puts the kids to bed in the evenings. Some people it’s right when they get home from work. Or on their coffee break.

But I know that I need to work on my hot spot this week. What I will do I think is replace my hot spot with Jesus. Instead of immediately coming into the kitchen after the boys go down, I will immediately go into my room and pray for 15 minutes. I read my bible in the mornings before the boys get up and I pray continually all day, but rarely do I stop and take the time to meditate on God.

Maybe switching those two things out will help to get rid of my afternoon snackie hot spot and therefore keep me out of the hot seat! Haha. Sorry. Nerdy joke!

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