Day 208: Promise Of Plenty

Day 5 of my hard-core Daniel Fast.

I thought this morning might just do me in.

Ha- what a positive way to start a post, eh? But seriously. My 5-year-old, who is typically a kind of subdued kid, was talking non. stop. all. morning.

Combine that with my two-year-old being… well, being a toddler, and well all my coping strategies had already failed me by 8:00am!

But I was reading though Isaiah and came across this verse pretty quickly in that first chapter…

    If you will only obey me, you will have plenty to eat. Isaiah 1:19

And wow. That sure did keep me going! It is such a clear, direct message from God to obey Him… but also a promise of what will happen if I obey… I will have plenty to eat.

So, I tell ya- I might have had to repeat that to myself about 57 times this morning, but it’s keeping me obedient, keeping me from eating a bag full of tortillas or an entire cheese pizza or whatever… because I will have plenty to eat.

(And hopefully my kid got out all his words this morning and post nap will be a bit better! If not… I see a slip n slide in his future!)


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