Day 207: Fasting Fries

Day Four of my hard-core Daniel Fast!

Today I would like to discuss… french fries. A terribly spiritual topic, to be sure! Ha!

French fries can actually get people pretty riled up though from what I have discovered… well, when you are discussing diets at least.

See, I’m not a fast food addict like some people. Or I should say that I’m not anymore. I ate my fair share of fast food in college… late night runs (no pun intended) to Taco Bell for a supreme chalupa… oh yes. But once I was on my own, fast food simply became too expensive for me. So I cut it out pretty much except for a pizza “fix” every once in a while, and my occasional lunch run when I didn’t make my lunch. Now both of those stopped almost completely when I got married and we had noooooo money. Our first year of marriage we ate almost nothing but tuna. So, french fries are just not a pull for me… now Braum’s? Baskin Robbins? Ben & Jerry’s? Stone Cold? Ummmmmmm, yes. Those are a pull for me, but since they are not at all on the fast then it’s not usually a topic of discussion. French fries, however, are a potato. And potatoes are part of my covenant, so… I eat french fries.

I buy the mega pack at Sam’s of Ore Ida’s crinkle cut fries and I bake them in the oven. They aren’t an every day meal (well, most weeks they aren’t), and typically that’s all I eat for that meal, because they are yummy and they are an easy fix.

Yeah. An easy fix. Just dump some on a cookie sheet, sprinkle some coarse kosher salt on there, pop them in an oven and then go outside with your kids for thirty minutes and totally forget about them. Oh. Wait. But not that last part.

Only that’s exactly what I did today! Luckily, I came back in, smelled them, and snagged them out! I got lucky because I hadn’t preheated my oven so that gave me an extra five minutes and for some reason I had put the oven 25° lower than called for.

Either way, there were some crunchyyyyyyyyyy fries awaiting me for lunch.

And I started snacking on them a bit after they’d cooled some. I was making sure my kids had all their lunch foods out and I’d snag a fry when I walked by. Out of the blue, I realized that I was purposefully grabbing the toasty brown ones… but not because I prefer my fries as hard as rocks, but because I was “saving the best for last”!

Ahhhhhhhh, the old glutton’s mindset. Save the best for last. Now that God is retraining me out of gluttony, I no longer have to/need to think like that.

First of all, if I “save the best for last” then I will feel the pressure to eat too much because even though I am full, I “need” to eat them all because the best ones are left for last.

But also, that mindset has me eating nasty, burned french fries! Which is just what I was doing.

So, instead, I switched it around and started eating the best fries first and as I came across some that we’re too crunchy then I set them aside.

And I finished my meal satisfied both in the amount I ate and with my tastebuds.

So maybe I forgot about them for a reason, so I could have this here post!

The fries…




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