Day 206: Rekindling Recommendations?

(If you are the commenting type, please make sure to read to the bottom… I need some suggestions about something!)

Day Three of my hard-core Daniel Fast.

Well, for one thing… for you fellow coffee addicts I have news. If you hope to keep drinking coffee, then it is bad news. If you hope to stop drinking the stuff, then it is good news. I have had more energy today than I usually have on a four to five cup of coffee day! I know, I know… I’m almost disappointed by it. I mean, I was only planning on not having coffee for three weeks… but today has been interesting to show me that I don’t need it like I think I do. (And no headache today- whew- glad that part is over!)

Which brings me to my entire thought for today… the best part about doing a hard-core Daniel Fast is that it shows you so much about yourself. I know that might sound cheesy or canned, but seriously… it does.

Last year when I did a Daniel Fast for the first time, it showed me that I could do things I didn’t think were possible… if I covenanted with God to do it. That fast led to this year of covenanting with God.

When I did a fast for Lent, it showed me even more how things were possible with Him, and it showed me how I would react to suddenly adding in a whole set of foods once Lent was over.

And now as I do another hard-core Daniel Fast of only fruits, veggies, and nuts… oh and wait, I should add in beans. I always thought of them as a veggie but I’m not sure if they are or not… but either way, I’m eating beans too… but anyway, as I do this fast this time I am reminded of…

  1. Doing a Daniel Fast shows me how I often pop foods into my mouth not even realizing it.
  2. I am shown how often I default to looking in the pantry for something to eat (and my pantry is really just processed foods… all the “good” stuff is in the fridge… except for my Yukon gold potatoes… yum.may).
  3. Several times a day, I go to eat some leftovers of my son’s food from his lunch or dinner without truly thinking about it.
  4. I don’t drink a lot of water normally. A lot of coffee? Ohhhhh, yes. Tea? Yes. Water… ummmmm, no.
  5. I have forgotten how much the Word of God can sustain me as I struggle with the pull of food.

I think that last one is probably the biggest reason why I have faltered so much over the past couple of months. The Word of God and prayer. Again, I know that I said the other day that there are things that I can blame as well: facebook, summer, etc. but when it boils down to it… I have become so “meh” about the Word of God. I mean, I keep plugging through reading it but I’m just kind of burnt out. And recently I have been reading through Job and Ecclesiastes, and well, my friend, that is not for the faint of heart (nor for the almost burnt out).

And even now I get to this point and wonder… what is my solution? What is the point of writing all of this?

I hoped getting off of Facebook would help (and as much as I love sharing stuff about my kids and my little witty (or at least I think they are witty) status updates… I would love to stay off of Facebook just for the freedom from all the “mental junk” on there), but it really hasn’t. Instead of reading my bible when I used to Facebook I just don’t get my phone out at all. In the mornings when I have time set aside for scripture reading I just… sorta peter through and rarely finish my day’s readings and my heart is definitely not in it.

How does one rekindle a love for scripture without having to separate from it for a while (like, absence makes the heart grow fonder)?

And today- I have no answer for that one. Suggestions are welcome!

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