Day 204: This Is A No Joe

So today was day one of my hard core three-week Daniel Fast.

And it was a doozie.

But not because of the food restrictions but because I decided to give up coffee and tea for the three weeks. And… well, I don’t really do so hot without coffee.

But I decided to because I was talking to my friend Christy the other day about her covenant and she let me get real truthful with her. She was holding back from this one part of her covenant that she thought would help her get through it. She was saying things like “I just wanted to be realistic… and I can’t go that long without something sweet.”

Well, I told her that it sounded like she was making her decisions based on what she thought that she was capable of. I reminded her that this whole thing is not about what we are capable of but of what He is capable of.

Then, fast forward and you have me reviewing my hard core Daniel Fast requirements. And I was all “Okay, veggies, fruit, nuts. Oh and coffee. Cause I really can’t do it without coffee.” Immediately I was hearing God all “Ehemmm… YOU can’t do it? No YOU can’t do it. But let ME show you how I can do it. Let ME show you something amazing January.” So I was all like, “Okay. No coffee. And no tea (cause I would have just turned that into a substitute for the coffee). Do it God.”

Well, that was such a great little neat-o spiritual moment, but when I had to pour my husband a cup of coffee this morning… well, spiritual warfare took on a whole new meaning, I can tell ya that. And then when my headache hit about 9:00am… not good. Not good that it stuck around all day.

And not joking- my first day of no coffee and I took my first nap in I had about 8 zillion things on my to-do list and I told my husband that they would all have to wait because I was completely exhausted!

(And on a side note: I drove a cruise ship down the Panama Canal in my nap dream.)

But. It was cool to remind myself several times over how I could… I would get over this because I have the Power of God as my support. It’s amazing how eternal thinking like that can just… well, energize me in a way that a cup of joe never could.

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