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July 31, 2012

Day 203: Pre-Fast

First of all, sorry I have been a slacker lately on the posting. I’m gonna blame it on two things:

    • Summer. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it seriously has killed my routine. (But don’t get me wrong- I lovvvvve summer!)
    • Facebook. I know, I know. Everyone blames everything on Facebook, and it’s not really the website’s fault… it’s just that when I have a few minutes of downtime… Facebook is a great way to zone out (like TV can be for some people). More on the topic of Facebook in a moment.

    • Laptop. Huh? Yeah… I’ve been using my husband’s laptop this summer to post and I got kinda addicted to the full keyboard and really my lifestyle matches up more with the mobile posting. Like, right now, I’m sitting on the porch while my boys are getting in their required hour of outside time… it has taken me 30 minutes to post this much because I’ve had to get my two year old in and out of the trampoline about 23 times. change both boys into their bathing suits. get a ball that went over the fence. kill a bug that was bothering my two year old. help my five year old haul his Lego bucket to the back porch. retrieve a toy leaf blower that was thrown into the pool. change a diaper. convince both boys to eat some breakfast. and turn the water hose on and off 7 times.

    Butttttt hopefully that’ll change… starting tomorrow I’m gonna do another three week hard-core Daniel Fast (only fruits, veggies, nuts) like I did for Lent, and I’ll be taking a sabbatical from Facebook as well so I can refocus myself during those “few minutes” of the day.

    Now, I had been playing around with the idea of another fast but just decided yesterday to do it for sure. And then, this morning, it was very interesting to observe my thoughts.

    I was hungry and so I started looking around the kitchen. My eyes alighted first on the big bunch of bananas in the basket on the island in the center of my kitchen. And then I thought, “No, I don’t want a banana… I’d better get something that I won’t be able to have for the next three weeks. This is like my last day of relative freedom.” And I took a move toward making one of my granola bars in a bowl… and then there was that whisper…

      January… it’s not about a “start date”. It’s about doing the right thing all the time. Each moment is a chance to honor God. You don’t… no, you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to start. Right now is the time.

    Now the cool thing was… the old me would have just ignored the whisper. The new me… listened and obeyed.

    I ate a banana.

    And I already got a bit of a taste of what I’ll get to experience these next three weeks. The joy of honoring God fully and completely. The joy of eating pure and close to God’s creation. The joy of finding his passion in my heart again.

    It’s gonna be a good three weeks.

    Starting now.

    (Oh and it definitely helps that clementines are back in season!)

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