Day 194: Don’t Do This Diet


Yep. That’s right. Do not do this diet.

I know you are probably thinking… what the heck? Here she has this big ol’ blog for 194 days (minus last week and those few days several months ago) and she is telling me not to do this diet?!?!


Cause it’s not really a diet. I mean, yes, in a way it is… if you look at it from just a regular ol’ perspective, I’m a vegetarian (or lacto-ovo-pescetarian if you want to get reallllllllly specific) that doesn’t eat sugar.

But honestly, that is such a small part of why I have lost weight.

Jesus is the reason for the season. Okay, that’s a Christmas-time phrase, but I just like it cause it rhymes. But, really, Jesus IS the reason.

I was eating way too much sugar (like, totally addicted kind of eating way too much sugar), and I was eating too much of… well, of everything. And so I realized after a bit that it wasn’t mainly about me fixing what I was eating as it was that I needed to fix the core of WHY I was eating.

Figuring out the WHY of eating is not some kind of new idea that only I have had during the past seven months. In the past, I have read multiple diet books and watched videos and read psych textbooks that have made me go through that process of identifying the WHY, but each time I put the responsibility on MYSELF to do all the fixing. And well, I totally sucked at fixing myself.

Seriously. It was like every time I tried to “fix” myself, I did worse. I would GAIN weight instead of losing it because… well… I wasn’t fixing myself at all. I was just giving myself a little pep talk (or more often, a guilt trip) and hoping that would change my entire viewpoint, my habits, my self-talk, etc. And then when another eating-for-the-wrong-reasons situation popped up, I would overeat to compensate for all the of time that I had been self-denied or whatnot, or I would eat to satiate my boredom, or to soothe my soul, or whatever.

And so I had to get real with Jesus (and I often still have to get real with Him) and come face to face with those times and what was really going on. Cause after I started this covenant, it was very apparent to me pretty quickly that I had wayyyyy bigger issues than just eating a mixing bowl of cookie dough. In fact, that was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

And so the focus of my covenant became allowing God to renew me. allowing Him to mold me. to change me. to Love me. to encourage me.

And it was no longer about losing weight. It was about honoring God. And I think because I chose what was right… to focus on Jesus (like Mary listening at the feet of Jesus) instead of choosing what the world might praise with losing weight and getting “healthy” (like Martha cooking up a meal), then… well… I think He blessed me for that.

But ultimately, at the end of the year, the true blessing will not be the weight I have lost. In fact, the blessing will be all that I have gained.

The freedom from food.
The renewed belief in the Power of God and the Love of Christ.
The increased knowledge of scriptures.
The identity in the things of eternity instead of the things of the world.
The desire to be modest and ladylike.
The ability to rely upon God for all things.

And honestly, this list could go on and on but my phone is almost out of batteries! All of that to say, trust me… don’t do this diet. Do a covenant? Yes, I would totally encourage that. But a diet? Nah. When it comes to God, what you really want is not to lose… what you want is to gain!


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