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July 21, 2012

Day 193: HIS Love Is All You Need


I’m chuckling a little bit right now as I write this because I’m kinda sure that I have already written several posts that say the same thing, butttttttt…

I am keenly reminded today (especially given my recent struggles) that it is not I that can overcome this issue in my life. It is not I that has overcome it so far. But it is the power of Jesus in my life.

This morning I was reading through Proverbs, and at the very end of chapter 21, I saw this verse:

You can get the horses ready for battle, but it is the Lord who gives the victory. Proverbs 21:31

Now, why on earth might I be bringing up horses and battle? Well, I’m not… well, not really. I guess I saw a bit of a parallel though with me, like I read it like this…

January, you can do everything right… eat all the right foods, avoid all the wrong ones, pray all the right prayers, and read all the right verses, but it is the Lord who gives the victory.

And again I was reminded why I have loved this experience the most… and you would think that it would be going from a size 16 to a 10 (and I ain’t gonna deny it… that has been great), but far better than that has been the freedom.

And not just the freedom from the pull of food (although at times those shackles suddenly appear on me again for a bit… I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t feel at least some kind of pull toward a plate of brownies?!?!), but it has been the freedom from responsibility.

I know, that sounds… wrong, but stick with me. The freedom from being responsible for the end result of things. Like, realizing that God is the one to give the victory… even if I get my horses alllllll ready… well, then I am free from feeling like either success or failure is my fault. And I’m free to just love God and be loved by Him. Not for what I have done or not done, but just because I am His daughter.

So I guess I am becoming a bit of a Jesus hippie, cause really… HIS love is all you need.

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