Day 191: Long Time, No Blog

Yeahhhhhhh, sooooooooo. Hi guys!

I know, I know… long time, no blog.

Well, I’m doing okay, and I didn’t drop off the face of the blogosphere because I was sitting in a corner of my house eating a vat of cookie dough (whew!)… I dropped off because my husband and I went on a business trip to Nashville. I’ve mentioned before that he invented a thing called ChordDice and we went up there for a thing called NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) to pitch the product to a bunch of different stores and distributors. I got to be a little sales girl, and as much as I was totally fearful of the entire experience, it was so. much. funnnnnnn. Turns out I have a bit of a saleswoman inside of me cause not only did I have fun but I did pretty well on sales, too!

And anyway, our hotel was awesome, but the internet there cost money, so no blogging for me while we were gone, but it was nice to have a little break… I’ll admit.

We even did really well on our eating while we were gone… I’ll have a few stories that I’ll work on over the next few days to try to catch back up (although… yikes… I’m really far behind)! I never had to break the covenant, and I even got to have my first black bean burger at a Honky Tonk place off of Broadway… it was GOOD!

Whereas I did really well on my eating while I was gone… I did horrrrrrrribly when we got home! You know that day after a trip where even though you might not have flown, you still have jet lag?!!? We picked up our kids on Tuesday, and then yesterday was just a veg around the house kind of day because I was completely exhausted! And with that exhaustion came that good ol’ eat cause I’m tired syndrome. I’m discovering that association that I have built-in my mind is going to be one of the most difficult to break. Probably because it is attached to some primal need to feed (pretty sure I have talked about that before) but either way… when I am really tired… all I want to do is eat. I want to feel full. None of this “satisfied” stuff for me.

So, what did I gorge on yesterday???

I’d love to hear y’alls guesses, but since this isn’t a Skype call… I’ll just have to tell ya…


I would put a little cheese on them to make them “necessary” for my “meal” and then scarf them down.

Ugh. So frustrated with myself.

But I guess it’s like so many other things in our personal life… we know that “good choices” lead to fulfillment, happiness, contentment, etc. but we often just keep on trudging in our “bad choices” or even “neutral choices” which can often have just as negative effects as the bad choices!

However, at 9:30 last night, I knew that I could never, ever, ever, ever go back and change that day of overeating. I knew that I couldn’t erase it or block it out or make God do either of those things either. But I knew that I could make a choice at that moment, like I’ve mentioned before, to honor God… tomorrow. And so I went to bed around 9:30 last night so that I could honor God… today.

And although I’m sure I wasn’t “perfect” today… it was much easier to stick with just a banana for breakfast this morning instead of chowing down on a bowl of Cheerios or something equally “blech” in an effort to appease a sleepy body.

And so even now I am rushing through this post so that I can get my teeth brushed and crash out… because chasing these little rugrats of mine all around… yeah, I’m starting to think that this truly is the hardest job on the planet. At least it is one of the most exhausting!


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