Day 151: Fly Away

Recently, I heard a teaching about grieving when we sin. It was interesting… cause honestly… I don’t tend to grieve when I sin. I grieve when I have to bear the consequences of sin, but not often the actual sin itself grieves me simply because it hurts, disappoints, and angers God.

Like, for example, for a lonnnnnnng time I didn’t grieve when I ate too much food. But eventually, I did grieve when my favorite cute capris didn’t fit anymore (although that’s probably a good thing… cause I’m pretty sure they were out of fashion then and they would definitely be out of fashion NOW). I don’t grieve when I talk smack about someone behind their back… until I get caught.

But, I should grieve over sin… just because it hurts, disappoints, and angers God. Especially because I want to please Him. My entire existence is to please Him. Every single moment is to please Him. I am reminded of the old school praise and worship song…

Every move I make, I make in You… You make me move Jesus. Every breath I take, I breathe in You.

And that’s really where I am at… well, at least… where I want to be. And for so long I excluded food from my “every move”. Why? Not sure, maybe because it was something so… basic. But only in the past year or so have I become very aware that making a move for food is something that can make God very, very pleased if I chose to honor Him, or very, very sad should I bend the other way.

But allow me to bring up another change that I have had. I have had a change in the way that I view sin… habitual sin especially.

It should grieve our hearts, but really we should also long for that freedom from sin. I no longer view sin as something to weigh me down. Perhaps because I am still basking in the awesomeness of being freed from a habitual sin in my life. Now, my viewpoint toward sin is that it is less of a blockade and more of a hurdle.

I can get over a hurdle. Well, with God’s help, I can get over a hurdle (and in truth, I probably couldn’t get over a real track and field hurdle in real life without a miracle from God). And because of that, I have experienced a new kind of freedom from sin.

First of all… I am freed from the attempt to even TRY to overcome a sin by myself. I am too keenly aware of the abysmal failure that this was for me… trying to overcome the sin of gluttony. Ha! EPIC. FAIL.

But I am also, by the grace and POWER of God, freed from the sin of gluttony.

And it is the thought of the freedom from that sin along with the thought of eventually being able to please Him with my actions once that sin is gone… that thought makes me want to covenant every little sin in my life and allow Him to just rip through the ties I have to this world so that my soul is flying higher and freer than ever before… and then eventually my flight to heaven won’t be so far and it won’t be so difficult to let this place go. And truly, I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away…


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