Day 100: Don’t Stop When You’re Full

Day 100. Wow. I mean… I’m a little more than pleased to be here. I don’t think that I have ever tracked myself doing something for 100 days straight. Sooooo this is cool just on that level.

It is also cool because I decided, ohhhhhh, around day twenty-eight that when I got to the triple digits that I would start to put the day number in numerics instead of spelling them out. So now I don’t have to write the word “ninety” again… which I misspelled like three days in a row last week as “ninty” and had to go back and change it.

But what was cool today was that I did have myself a little celebration day before I even remembered it was day 100. I was celebrating though not because of how long I have been doing this but because I experienced the evidence of a mind renewal having happened in my mind.

I was eating this new pasta florentine dish that was yummay and then I was like “Oh wow- I’m full” and I just stopped eating… but it all happened sorta subconsciously. About fifteen or twenty minutes later, I realized what had happened and was doubly excited because not only was that evidence of a mind renewal but also because when I was feeling “full” it was actually me just being satiated… it was no where near what “full” would have been a few months ago.

So today I am totally living that verse…
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

And when it comes to that kind of “full”… well, then I don’t ever want to stop!


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