Day Ninety-Two: Taste Test

I gave myself one tiny exception in this covenant that “allows” me to have sugar… when my oldest son makes something or is terribly excited about something and wants me to taste it, then a) I try to do my best to avoid eating it if possible (like waiting until he turns away and hiding it), or b) if I can’t avoid it then I will take a tiny bite and that seems to appease him.

Well, most of these situations have been cookies or sugary candy and I think he’s only cornered me once or twice where I was “forced” to eat it… but last week he had a piece of peanut butter and chocolate from his Easter egg hunt at school and he desperately wanted me to have a bite. I just love his giving attitude and I want him to practice it as much as possible so I took the piece. Well, he stood there grinning and wide-eyed watching and waiting for me to eat it. I realized that I could not avoid it, so I took a teeeeeeeeny bite, gave him a big grin, and said, “Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!” and watched him giggle happily and walk off.

And then… I became very, very angry.

Because that chocolate was totally lame.

And I don’t mean lame in the sense that it wasn’t a good piece, but lame in the sense that it was so totally disappointing! And I was so angry because that dadgum chocolate stuff had held me captive for sooooooooo long, and as it turns out… it was LAME.

But ya know, I think the chocolate probably did taste good… tasted as good as it always has… but I have tasted the glory of God. the peace of God. the freedom of God. And even though none of those things have ever physically touched a single taste bud on my tongue… my sense are now ninety-two days closer to the glory of eternity. And nothing, even a stolen bite of chocolate, can compare with a taste of eternity.

Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him! Psalm 34:8


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