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February 19, 2012

Day Forty: Lunch Date

Lately another Phase II “revelation” has come about for me: skipping lunch or waiting too late to eat lunch.

Now I’m not one for eating when I’m not hungry but I do need to be aware of my possible eating opportunities. To clarify: I often am trying to get last minute chores accomplished while the boys eat their lunches, like things that I have trouble getting finished while my youngest is on the rampage (i.e. unloading or loading the dishwasher). So, I almost never sit down and eat with them.

Well, then once I finish the hour long process of getting them both to nap I often don’t want to “waste” my precious nap time with something unproductive like eating so I wait longer even if I’m possibly starting to get a twinge of hunger. Perhaps I even tell myself that being a little hungry is good cause then I’ll lose some weight.

Then, my youngest will wake up and I’ll be really hungry or probably feeling lightheaded but now that I have an extremely adventurous toddler on my hands I can’t get something worthwhile, so I…


I grab whatever I can find and whatever is easiest: chips, goldfish crackers, 5 slices of cheese, raisins, etc.

And of course I’m so stinkin hungry at this point that I eat a lot of food. Possibly I tap into more than one snack attempting to satisfy my leftover lunch cravings.

Then I’m not hungry at dinner so I either skip dinner leaving me really hungry in the morning or I eat dinner thus being super full and repeating the process all over the next day because I’ll wake up full again.

All in all. If I eat lunch at a decent time… let’s say at least by 1:00 then I’m “okay”. I need to make a standing lunch date with myself to make sure i don’t wait until too late. I guess what I can do is eat that lunch according to how hungry I am. If I am not very hungry then it’s okay to eat a small lunch and have an apple or something for a snack later.

Some of this addiction breaking involves planning. This is one of those. But, it’s a good “diet” when I am making sure to plan when to eat instead of planning not to eat.

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