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January 27, 2012

Day Seventeen: Sleepy Surrender

A hard core Daniel Fast would limit someone to water, fruits, nuts, and veggies. I am not going hard core although I did for my three week fast last year, a full year of that would probably drive me nuts (hehe) at this point in my journey. So, I decided to keep my liquid options as: water, tea, and coffee. None of those are really “rich” to me and since I’m doing this for a year I figured that would afford me just enough variety. The only thing I would really want to drink outside of those parameters would be Diet Coke! Haha! Anyway, this is another post about the covenant not being as much about what to eat but about renewing my mind and retraining my body.

I had two cups of coffee this morning and was onto my third which is more than I usually drink. After about half way through my third cup I noticed that I was pretty buzzy. My heart was starting to flitter flatter. My arms were feeling a shaky kind of weakness. And my thoughts were starting to jump around.

So, here is an example of a moment of me needing to renew and retrain myself: I could keep drinking despite the fact that my body was telling me to stop. Telling me that I’d had enough. Telling me that I’d had too much. Or I could stop drinking the coffee and those feelings would disperse.

This might be a moment when someone who has a “skinny mind” (aka: someone that does not feel the call of food or at least responds easily to their body’s signals of stop and go) would have no trouble. Just stop. But for someone who has been a glutton for years, and years, and years, and years… well, “stop” is not an action that comes so easily.

So I made myself have a mental conversation about it and I remembered yesterday’s post. It’s not about what is allowed verses what is forbidden. It is about doing what is beneficial for my body. About doing what would honor and please God. What would bring Him glory. And in that moment I knew that drinking that coffee and obviously forcing my body to endure hardship would not be beneficial. In fact, it would probably be detrimental. And in hurting my body that is “not my own“, I in-turn do not bring God any glory.

So, here’s to a sleepy surrender of that third cup of coffee!

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