Day Fourteen: Exaggerated Eternity

I am blatantly going to borrow quite a bit of this material from pastor Dr. Richard Mark Lee‘s sermon on Sunday. It was a wicked awesome sermon… hmmmm, maybe I need to find another word than “wicked” to describe how awesome a sermon is. hehe

Anyway, he was talking about the end of the world (aka: tribulation) and near the end of the sermon he discussed how we can change our focus from materialism to eternity. He led us all in this song…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in his wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grown strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.

The he said something along these lines:

The more we focus on the temporary things of this world, then the more eternity grows dim and the temporary becomes exaggerated.

Straight up. That action got my attention.

Now it can relate to about a billion things in our lives, but for the purpose of my covenant, I’m going to apply it to the destruction of my food addiction… because as I’ve shared, the power of food (definitely something that would be considered “temporary”) has become sooooo exaggerated.

I’ve heard that one of the hardest things for people trying to break some kind of addiction or lust or whatev… is that when you are trying not to eat, not to lust, not to drink, smoke, gossip… that it is like ALL you can manage to think about. Example:

In the past when I have dieted, I would be thinking “Don’t eat the chocolate. Don’t eat the chocolate. Don’t eat the chocolate.” Well, it’s like telling someone, “Don’t think about a red fire truck.” Well….. what the heck are we GONNA think about???? A red. fire. truck. So if I’m thinking “Don’t eat the chocolate”… it’s like the pull of chocolate suddenly becomes overexaggerated until I simply can’t resist the pull anymore.

But, instead of “Don’t eat the chocolate” I’m thinking “Honor God with my body” or “Please God with my sacrifice”, then what starts to become exaggerated in that case? GOD!

Shaweet! It’s such a simple but great way of looking at how our minds flip flop the things of this world with the things of eternity. So the goal is to live out this sentence…

The more I focus on eternity, then the more the things of this earth will grow dim and eternity will become exaggerated.

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