Day Four: Oh So Sweet Chocolate

I knew that a point would come when it would be difficult to be on this fast. I had already thought about it… like, for example: my birthday. My mom makes a killer chocolate cake for my birthday every year and this year I won’t be able to eat it.

I’m sure there are already some responses to that: “Not eat your own birthday cake? Isn’t that a little extreme?” I assume that this will be a response because that was part of my own inner dialogue. But a deal is a deal… or shall I say, “a covenant is a covenant”?  And like I said in a post a few days ago, God is not a big fan of people making covenants and breaking them. So… part of making this agreement with Him was knowing that there would be some sacrifice.

And isn’t that exactly what I need to learn more about?  A little less about taking, wanting, grabbing, sneaking, hiding, hoarding, etc. and a little more about sacrificing, forgoing, offering, surrendering, abstaining, resisting. Isn’t that the Christ-mind? The Christ-mentality? And isn’t that what I am trying to get more of?

So yesterday, when my son decided it was a great day to go through his Christmas stocking candy stockpile… yeah, I’ll admit that it was a little difficult to abstain. Did I long a bit for that oh so sweet dark chocolate? Heck yeah. Did I eat it? Heck no. Why? Because I have a covenant with God the Almighty. Helllllo, of course I didn’t eat it!

And last night when my husband surprised me with a surprise date night and he wanted to use a Saltgrass Steakhouse gift card, did I sneak a bite of his 12 ounce rib eye? Nope. And honestly… I loved my dinner: crab stack appetizer, fresh dinner salad, coconut shrimp, and a baked potato. I mean seriously, like it rocked. And what was cool: I never would normally choose a shrimp over purely awesome red meat. So, actually instead of being forced to sacrifice, I was opened up to a new experience that I would have completely missed otherwise.

See, even in my attempt to sacrifice to become more like Christ… I find Him blessing me.

That, my friends, is oh so much sweeter than chocolate.

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